Age 28 – More confident than I’ve ever been, Had much more success with women, More willing & able to connect with people

Day 90: Well here it is, never thought it would have happened but here we are…the final day of my reboot! I don’t think there’s much to say that I haven’t said over the course of the last three months, although it feels like it’s worth taking stock of some of the changes that have occurred:

-No porn, masturbation or orgasm in 90 days
-Exercising at least three times a week for over three months
-No caffeine for three months
-No refined sugar products for two months
-As a result I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in
-I’ve not had a day off college in three months, and have managed to remain productive consistently throughout the time of my reboot
-I’m more confident than I’ve ever been
-I feel more willing and able to connect with all different types of people
-My bedtime and morning routines have been more stable
-I’ve had more success with women in the past few weeks than I have in the past several years

Some of these have been influenced by other work that I’ve done both before my reboot and while undertaking it (my buddhist teacher has been a big influence recently), but I just don’t think any of the above would have happened to such an extent without it. It has given me the energy to tackle life as I haven’t been able to do in the past – it has, in short, given me my balls, my masculinity, back (it may be the first time I’ve ever truly discovered it!). I feel like an upstanding man for the first time and it feels damn good.

So what comes next? Well more of the same and then some. Once the 90th day is over I’m going to start a new journal, with a new reboot aim and a new a set of goals along with it. Some of the goals may be just to maintain what I’m already doing as it is most certainly working. There are other areas that need development and places where I could put more effort in (particularly in supporting other people on here to realise their own goals); I have a number of ideas of what the next phase will be but I need to give it a little extra thought before I put it down in writing.

To everyone who has supported me – be it just a ‘like’ on something I’ve said or some positive reinforcement of the journey – I express heartfelt gratitude. There have been times when it’s been really difficult and I’ve needed a random comment or piece of advice to get me over the hurdle I’ve been faced with. It’s pretty amazing that people can come together in this way to try and help each other in a mutual struggle towards a ore fulfilling, more positive way of being.

Which brings me to the biggest thank you: thank you to NoFap. This is an incredible resource that does a lot of good for a lot of people. There are so many that need help and I imagine for a lot of people (I know I was one of them) it can seem like there is nowhere to turn. In providing a refuge for those who are in need (virtual or not!) this site is contributing to the wellbeing of the world and providing an antidote to a considerably troubling, pervasive force that exists within our society.

As always, good luck to everyone out there on their own journeys. Don’t give up and you will get there in the end.