Age 28 – PIED finally cured. Before getting hooking on the porn I remember the sex was amazing & I was rock hard.

Hello guys I’m 28, i want to describe my situation in first part, and in second part i will tell you about my recovery.

1st part:
I have started to watch porn when I was 15 but at the same time I started having sex at the age of 18.

The real problem occurred when i watch porn everyday at the age 21. I was away of my gf and thought if i watch porn i wouldn’t cheat on her. What a terrible idea. The funny thing is that me and my gf broke up when we were away. But i was hooked on porn. I had no idea about porn-related problems.

Than i met with a beautiful girl but I didn’t get it on. Fuck.! I thought the solution is: I should watch more porn but not have orgasm. This way i would be hornier. Another foolish mistake. It made my situation worse than before.

I used pills. With their help I was able to have sex. But the sex itself was not that good anymore. I want to describe my feelings: when I was fuking a girl on pills, even though i was hard, the sensation was not there I had to force myself. Had to dirty talk or other things to have an orgasm. In fact, the act of fuking looked somehow boring to me.

After sometime pills were not working either, also I was not capable of having good relationships, real woman was not that important to me anymore. I had my porn with endless tabs. Before hooking on the porn I remember the sex was amazing, i was rock hard. Maybe some of you know the feeling of healthy boner. It is different. And the sensation was so good.

2 part:
At the age of 24, I discovered yourbrainonporn. And gave it a chance, wow wow wow wow. After only 2 weeks, i was having sex again. But the boner was not very strong. I knew that was the solution. However i relapsed at least 25 times.

So i never stayed away from porn more than 30 days!

Now at the age of 28 i made a promise that this time i will stay away from porn.

I know it is fucking hard. The porn, big buts in instagram, tinder ets. But i stay solid.

You know what happened. I met a hot girl from Ukraine , she is amazing 10/10

she visited me and stayed with me for 10 days. Guys i had sex 4 times a day for 10 days.!!!! And it was real sex, strong boner, everysingle time! What is more, the communication increased with boners as well. So no porn also works in your favor when it comes to communication.

So please stay focused , you will be cured. This is the best feeling! Sometimes i want to watch porn but my fails thought me to stay strong!

It takes time, in my case I was lucky that i had girls in my life always. But for everyone even if it takes 2 years. It worths!


LINK – 90 days in and feeling the real hard boner

by egeninki