Age 28 – PIED, flatline – I am not 100% yet, but getting close

would never thought this year ago, but here I am, porn free for some time. My approach and story is a bit different in terms of sexual encounters (which i had tons of, during last year). Reason why Iam writing this post is that I took a bit of a different approach to cure my PIED and my porn addiction, which was severe, but it worked for me, maybe there is someone that finds this story helpful.

Before i start, let me tell you a bit about myself. Iam 28 y old part time IT manager / part time martial arts instructor (iam constantly learning boxing, kickboxing, krav maga, basically any form of combat since age of 14). I was in a long term relationship for 8 years and another for 2 years. Now iam enjoying single life and perks it has to offer (lots of girls basically – i am a bit of a player). I quit porn because of PIED. Physically iam fit, muscular type, big tatooed man. Genetically and in terms of lifestyle everything implies i should not have any problem with my dick whatsoever, but truth is i have. Its the brain that is fucked up from all those years of porn abuse. It is like a time bomb.

I started watching tons of porn at age of 14 and gradually went for heavier stuff. Thing is until 2 years back i never had a problem with erection. Reason for this was that i was in a relationship and everything worked as intended, but i started to develop this crazy behaviour of prefering porn to normal sex (it was mind blowing sex, but i still preffered to watch porn, stupid, stupid behaviour). 2 years ago i sold my company and ended up home, bored. So i turned to porn… And it was bad. I fapped through whole days, edged to extreme porn for hours to have these huge orgasms. I waited for 20 minutes and started again. I still fucked with my girlfriend, but we broke up soon after. I started affairs with every girl i could. But my dick suddenly stopped working. I just couldnt get it up. But i still watched porn and tried to fuck these girls (i have constantly about 4-5 girls that i see). Most of the time my dick was soft and i was in this really dark place. I could have any girl i wanted, but … i could not enjoy it. If my dick was hard i couldnt cum at all and it took enormous effort to finish. I went to doctor, he told me that physically i am fine and prescribed sidenafil(same as your classic blue pill). It helped but only for short while, it certainly didnt solve anything, problem is your brain not your dick.

So i stopped watching porn. But i still relapsed after few days, every time. But even tho i relapsed i still drastically cut the amount of porn that i watched. It actually helped so i started to cut porn more and more… and then flatline happened. It was bizzare. I couldnt feel a thing down there. For months. But … i still continued having sex. With tons of girls. I worked 40% of my encounters. This went on for some time and last year starting december i quit porn for good. No more porn. Flatline got even worse. After month and something i noticed that i am hard as rock, with girl on a date. I did not experience this for over a year! Suddenly everything changed. Now i am hard like 9 times out of 10. This is pretty amazing to me and i will never watch porn again. I am not 100 yet, but i feel iam getting close. Now during last two months happened like 90% of my progress. I think that it is due to combination of several behaviour changes i implemented.

1) Cold showers – i dont know why but it really works (start with normal shower and when finished go for cold one)
2) Vitamins and enhancers – I take zinc, vit c, magnesium, maca root extract, vit d.
3) Shrimps… i dont know why but they dramatically boost my libido
4) I dont worry about girls rejections during sex, i usually tell them that i have a problem and they are very considerate of it. After i started doing this it really helped with pied, because you stop to worry about it.
5) Hot tubs – i start morning in hot tub usually, in peace, meditating
6) Sports – i started heavy workouts again (iam martial arts instructor as part time job)
7) Journal – just writing everything down at end of each day
8) Drastic reduction of home office
9) Drastic reduction of masturbation (but i still have all forms of sex with different girls all the time)

I can feel my body coming back to normal state again. It is important to realize that problem really is your head, not your dick.

I hope someone who is in similiar circumstances reads this. I wrote this post because what really helped me was this one post here from guy with almost identical story. I just copied his advice and it worked.

You can do this!

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By Buzz the rocketman (rocket…)