Age 28 – PIED, low attraction to women – Now, apathy and depression declining, healthier skin


I’m 28. I watched the TedX talk maybe two years ago. It gave me a feeling of dread. I realised I had a dependency on porn for the first time. I wasn’t seeking out real women. Even rejecting them. I told myself I was happier with porn. The one partner I had, I couldn’t keep an erection during penetrative sex. I put this down to other things.

I still can’t be sure if NoFap has or will fix this. I’m busy working on myself and I don’t plan on seeking a relationship until I’m happier with my own life.

That was the other reason for quitting: I wanted to be more productive, to get my shit together, and porn was taking up more time than any activity bar working and sleeping.

The benefits: improved self-respect, replacing porn with positive and productive habits, much fewer feelings of depression or apathy.

I don’t believe in the superpowers, but the skin on my face doesn’t seem to flake nearly so much. This might just be down to improved sleep or diet as a by-product of my better habits.

The best thing this has taught me is self-discipline. Setting goals and sticking to them. I’m glad I found this place.

That first hump is hard. I failed twice at 14 days. But once I got past that, good things started to snowball and I barely thought about porn at all. Time goes fast after that.

It’s hard to put on a positive face when you’re hiding the worst parts of you. I think people must see there’s some underlying problem anyway.

I never felt [proud of who I am] until NoFap.

LINK – 90 days almost passed me by…

By  chrismuffar