Age 28 – This was my favorite year


I started out with a massive depression. After a failed attempt of a self company, I fell into severe depression. I couldn’t get out of bed to do nothing but play games and masturbate. Then, out of nowhere, an old job manager offered me a job after I called him. Not in my desired field, but it helped me beat my social anxiety a bit.

After some failed attempts of having a relationship and some tough times I said enough to Masturbation, didn’t know what it would bring me, but I said fuck it, this year is the year im challenging myself.

And from there….

-Started reading books (I used to hate books!)


-Approaching women on the streets (not getting successful, but whatever)

-Learned Violin

-Pursued my long life dream of 2d animation

-Opened a Youtube Channel

-Changed my diet

-Put off social media

-Eventually realized I need to move away from here as I need somewhere new to find my purpose

-Started to love myself, my mistakes, how I pulled things and jokes, started to love being with me.

Honestly guys, I have such a big determination for 2018, I hope you all do too. May you all find your dreams and make them come true.

Its not a sea of roses. I had rough times. I got hurt. I got rejected so many times I lost count.

Man. It was a year though. Never thought I could beat my previous best year of my life.

You want to now why this was my favourite year? Not because miracles fell of the sky.

It was because I tried. A LOT. And the failures don’t burden me anymore. I value myself for trying rather than for being a coward.

TL;DR: NoFap was what I needed to start my life. The rest must come from your own determination to change. Miracles won’t come unless you work for them. STAY STRONG. ONWARDS 2018!

Failure is something hard to deal with, I haven’t fully moved on from it, however you just need to look at critical despair moments in your life and realize what have they made you change about yourself. Cause there is always something you can learn from it, and from the moment you take everything as lessons to learn, you realise that there is no one that needs to love you other than yourself. When you realise that, many things that seem mammoth tasks to complete will look like pebbles after you come to terms with yourself.

28 here.

LINK – 2017, the best year of my life.

By redditismymentor