Age 28 – Very empowering. More focused on myself and enjoying life.

Going strong.

Have experienced the following:
– Felt great the first three weeks, superpowers the third week and quite horny
– Flatlined the fourth week after having two wet dreams in a row. Felt depressed and brain fog
– Flatline ended when I went on a trip, now I’m regularly horny
– Had about four wet dreams in total

Currently I feel very good. The whole thing has been very empowering. I am more focused on myself and enjoying life. I’ve been casually talking to some ladies on Bumble and been on a few dates, but I’m trying to take it slow. No sex yet.

I read No More Mr. Nice Guy, which was alright. It had some tips about health masturbation, which I might pick up on day 90, but the urge hasn’t been very strong and I think I’d rather leave my orgasms for actual sex. Seems like it’d make it more enjoyable.