Age 28 – You will feel more alive

I have been an addict for most of my life. Got introduced to porn at the age of 8. I think I was pretty hooked at 14. Joined Nofap in 2012 and it have been a lot of ups and downs.

Just to be clear: Life can be Hell quite literally but it is no excuse to escape into the world of PMO.

My mantra have for a long time been: A life with PMO is not a life worth living. I have been taking it quite literally as one of my suicide attempts was after a relapse at 105 days and a binge cycle. No need to go to such extremes but it is true.

Life with PMO is dead, dreadful. You are escaping reality, you are running from your problems, running from life. You miss the actual life that is here right before you.

All your problems wont magically disappear after you reach a certain number of days. They are still very much there. The difference is that you are dealing with them instead of escaping them.

I wont list up all the positive stuff I have experienced since starting this streak. You can read about it about anywhere and it is true. Nofap changes you. It makes you stronger. Like a cliff. It is not just self confidence. You will feel more alive. When you meditate you will start to see what meditation really is about because you can finally focus.

Not much more to say at this point. I am at 50 days but I dont feel recovered and I have miles left to go in every aspect of my life. But it is a good beginning. And I see what I did wrong earlier. I made Nofap a big part of my identity. It isnt anymore. I am not afraid of committing for life like I was back in 2017.

LINK – 50 days and how it have been so far