Age 29 – After 6 years of failed attempts

Hello fellow fapstronauts,

Today I celebrate 150 days on monk mode. Life is so much better at this point I hardly think about porn now. Morning wood sometimes it is sometimes it is not, quite strange.

Apart for that I feel that semen retention helped me enormously in actually making things happen. I am studying medicine now, first year student, and I have to tell you I was more motivated to study cause my mind didn’t wander to naked women and sex scenes. Also had more time during the day, time that I got from not searching hours and hours for the perfect sex video online.

Other things that I notice is that I am more confident, eye contact is better, I don’t need much sleep( woke up after 5-6 hours of sleep ready to start my day) , I lost more weight (trying to have abs, which in the past was just a dream), trying to eat healthier, more calmness,

I noticed attraction from girls, voice is a bit deeper and I don’t see women as sex objects. they are perfectly functioning beautiful human beings and I want to connect with them at every level. It is much easier now to do small talk and flirt with girls. somehow it’s just comes naturally.

So yeah I will keep going on this journey see where it takes me cause I feel that I am not fully healed yet. Thanks everyone for the support that you guys showed me during my streak. It took me around 6 years of failed attempts to finally reach this point. This time I was on and off on this website but the idea off Nofap was somewhere deep in my mind and I didn’t forgot it.

So never give up and get back to porn free life as soon as possible.

By: Naruto94

Source: 150 days hardmode accomplished!!!!!