Age 29 – Brain fog receded, shotgun-barrel erections, confidence, less depressed & anxious, now desire real sex with real women

I’d never thought I’d see the day where I would make a post on this section of Nofap but hot damn here I am!

Yup that’s right, I’ve finally made it to 30 solid days without PMO for the first time in my 10 year war on PMO. So I gonna cut the shit and get right to how I’m feeling now compared to a month ago:

-Brain Fog has greatly receded

-Feel more confident than I did doing PMO on the regular

-Feel less depressed and less anxious

-Have been waking up with morning wood as solid as a shotgun barrel for the past week

-Desire to look at porn is practically down to near zero, I’m actually wanting real sex with real women

-I’m also wanting to be more social with people around where before I was content on being a wall flower.

So far I’ve had a short flatline period during week 3 (day 14-21) but as I’ve mentioned I have been having morning wood that would pound a nail into a wall (lol)

With 30 days in and no withdraws or urges to look at porn, I think it’s gonna be smooth sailing to day 90 from here on out!

As always – Stay Frosty Boys! And to my fellow American Fapstronauts…Happy 4th of July! Break out them fireworks!

LINK – 30 days down!

by BigMike556