Age 29 – First time penetration after years of ED

I have had ED almost always from when I got sexually active like 1.5 years ago. Finally decided to leave P and start my journey with nofap. Today amazingly I had felt zero performance anxiety and rock hard boner during an encounter and for the first time in my life (I am 29, a late bloomer) I had penetrative sex. It was amazing and I never thought I could have done it. Because every time my boner will go away before penetration. I am eternally grateful for this community with their success stories, methods and inspirations.

I had been following a fit lifestyle that replaced my low energy daily fap routines. I am now trying to boost up my testosterone and get more leaner. I will keep doing nofap. But tonight feels so liberating from all the anxieties.

LINK –First time penetration after years of ED

by airbender02