Age 29 – Had successful sex today, after PIED, extreme stuff, failing post-grad studies and losing girlfriend

Started using porn infrequently in high school (14-15), joined uni when about 18-19 and had access to internet porn and freedom. Spent about 4 years with pmo, then PIED occurred at about 22-23. Used pills (sildenafil and later when cash started running out tadalafil which wasn’t as great) for about 7 years (now 29) while still engaging in pmo until this year March (2020). PMO use was extremely excessive especially in the last few years, didnt realise until I started downloading p this year and I was downloading 100GB in a sitting, I was into a lot of extreme stuff, I was also losing my long term girlfriend (now ex) and failing my post grad studies.

Nofap streak
I only had two streaks. Started nofap in March, failed after 30 days and went back to PMO. Then started a new/ the current streak on July 18th. The current streak WAS VERY CLEAN AND HONEST. Completely no p or m, had about 3 incidents where I had thoughts of a p star associated with urges, and 1 instance where I typed in a p star name then left the site. Only issue was low moods which was and is still annoying as I just have to grind it out despite family and friends noticing. Also had sex dreams (3 or 4 in total between day 50-65), and although some got irritating they did not affect much. First forward through nofap; I hit day 90 a day or two ago. Had successful sex today. I can’t sleep due to excitement and it’s past 12 here, so forgive my rambling.

Sex experience
For transparency the sex was with an escort, although I’ve been approaching and talking to women on tinder and IRL since day 60. I’ve made good friends, my confidence with women is improving as I get better at ways of making contact. I currently chat and do many activities with a few women. I was not scared when I was with the escort, but I only asked for a bj or hj. During the hj I felt that my penis was just normal i.e. no PIED (I’m trying to avoid any triggering language). And decided to go all the way. Had no problems at all. Was in control the entire time and it felt like sex even though i had a condom on. I’m not sure this counts as complete healing, I’m sticking to the life without pmo. Only engage in sex with women I’m now close with. Didn’t want to make this too long because I’m already rambling, I’ll probably make another post about the measures I took to avoid pmo and I think worked.

I thought I’d make this brief post because there are a limited number of posts with successful PIED cases. Also, there are a lot of people who report not being healed past 90 days. These cases in particular made me anticipate long recovery times and I was a bit hesitant to initiate sexual contact until it happened by chance today. So it is possibly people. Feel free to ask questions. I my answer them then copy paste into a new post with the steps I took.

LINK – 90 Day PIED success story

By thikk