Age 29 – I couldn’t trust my penis

So the reason why I’m doing this is simple and, very likely, it’s your reason too: unsatisfactory sex. Unable to get or keep erections while having sex or even foreplay with that beautiful and sexy girl. No other reason; not waste of time, not your view of women, or any of those accessorial results people report.

I engaged on this because I couldn’t trust my penis: I’ve had to endure that avoidance of touching, kissing or even attempting to have sex. I would have sildenafil every time in order to reduce the chance of failing. Several times, even while being on sildenafil, I would not get an erection (sildenafil doesn’t work if you don’t get aroused).

I haven’t experienced such flatline many people refer. By day 10, I was having pretty satisfactory sex without sildenafil. By day 20, I was having a whole night sex session with another girlfriend (4 times approximately that night), something I would not even seek in approximately 9 years. During this period, I have experienced erections caused by foreplay (kissing and touching a girl) and also by a blowjob. If it goes down, a BJ can fix it. That would have been rare in the recent past.

I’m more confident now. I still doubt about myself, but touching a girl while kissing her, cause me an erection. That’s good. I’m very optimistic it will become even better day after day and stop losing great and beautiful relationships because of my poor sexual performance.

Some context: I’m a 29 years old who started PMO’ing at 14 or 15 years old.

LINK – I’m on day 32 and seeing results.

by Mrspeaker