Age 29 – I feel more certain and the confidence I’ve gained is immeasurable

I’ve been using and abusing PMO since a very young age, first exposure being the 1998 JCPenney Christmas Catalog(lingerie and bathing suit sections) at the age of 8. I used to cut up pictures of the models and hide them inside a Nesquick container under the bed. As the I grew and the internet became more prevalent, collection tendencies evolved into the digital realm.

At the age of 29 and after multiple attempts to reboot I realized I finally needed a kick this 20 year habit of artificial sexual escapism. On Aug 27th, I gave up PMO. I specifically spent that first week with my sister and her children in another state just to start a healthy momentum.

Since then, I’ve experienced a wide and unruly range of emotions. Elation, regret, depression, anger, frustration love and acceptance.

As I approach day 90, I’m starting to feel the positive effects of abstaining. I recently began seeing a women. I feel more certain and the confidence I’ve gained is immeasurable. I still experience anxiety, but my longing for porn fades with each passing day…

I’m writing this because I’d like newcomers to understand that this road will be fraught with obstacles…but ultimately the road is leading to a fully re-conditoned and mature mind. The fruits of all our labor are within reach, and I’m very happy to be part of this encouraging community. Love you all –

LINK – 90 Day Update and Perspective

by fyd2012