Age 29 – Less depression, sharper, starting new job, easier to interact with women

I started nofap September randomly after a post on front-page.

I was depressed as shit at that point as was dealing with some childhood flashbacks that haunt me front time to time. My upbrining was wild and I have lived abuse, trauma and a war.

Today I have advanced a lot.

I am less depressed.

I am more in touch with emotions.

I have more confidence.

I am meditating and journaling.

I am sharper.

I have quit social media and have a better look at my addictive personality.

I find it easier to interact with women and have made many new female friends.

I am starting a new job.

My life is going in a new direction.

NoFap was just the beginning of this journey and its the beginning dormy transformation. I have a big deal of emotional work to do and hopefully nofap will facilitate work.


LINK – 100 days

By tavalenciagranada