Age 29 – PIED. Finally had vaginal sex!

Like many others I (29m) started pmo at a very young age and 99% of the time I watched stuff that were about bizarre fetishes and not just normal intercourse. So, many years passed and I had my first sexual experience with a girl at the age of 24 which was a big failure. I realized that the female naked body doesn’t trigger anything in me but it kinda made me feel disgusted about the female genitals.

So I started to think if I’m gay or asexual. I always had the urge to date girls though so I continued dating others and had the same kind of failures on and on until I started to really research about it and I realized I have PIED as well as mental issues about female genitals.

So I started therapy for a couple of years which helped a lot and then started nofap and porn free communities. This summer I had a 90 days streak of no masturbation and no porn which improved my situation significantly but still was not able to reach orgasm by anyone else. I had a relapse and went to the same rabbit hole of pmo until 2 months ago when I started to date my current girlfriend.

I immediately stopped watching porn and masturbated if I had to (blue balls). We tried a bunch of times and I was able to reach orgasm by her but only through hand job as I couldn’t keep it hard enough when we went for the actual intercourse until yesterday which I managed to have an orgasm while having a vaginal sex.

After many years of doubt, depression, and anxiety I understood that although I have a big problem, it’s a solvable one so I will keep on staying away from porn completely and masturbate rarely if needed, to improve my sexual performance and enjoy life as naturally as possible.

Here are a few of tips that helped me the most with letting go of porn for good:

1- Try replacing porn with another hobby that would give you visual pleasure/dopamine. For me it was video gaming that helped a lot in the beginning.

2- Be aware of the movies and series (and video games) you’re watching.

3- Be more active and outgoing and spend less time alone by yourself (I know this isn’t very easy in this Corona era)

4- Don’t chill or relax where you used to watch porn. For me this is staying away from my bed until I was going to sleep

LINK – Success story!

By googyit