Age 29 – PIED: started nofap a month before my marriage. I can now achieve 90% erection.


Hi all, I am Gaink, 29 years old, newly married man with ED problem. Been silent reader for the past 6 month and now want to share my positive progress to overcome my ED problem. Sorry for my bad english because not my first language. Background of me:

  • Since around 15, I knew porn and watch not regularly and not daily. If I can average, I watch porn around 5 – 10 times a month.
  • Of course I also M around 4 – 5 times a month and if I dont M, I edged a lot.
  • I am virgin until my marriage last December. My wife also still virgin. So yes, no experience for sex except watch a lot from porn.
  • Good shape and health. Do not have hypertension etc.

I started nofap since last November, which is a month before my marriage. Why I started nofap, because I feel that even when I M, my penis is not hard like before (let say 2 years ago), so I worried until I found website like rebootnation, nofap etc.

My honeymoon last December is like disaster for me. It embarrass me because my penis cant go hard, it was like only 65%  power. It got worse when I try to penetrate and also I got PE, I cum with limp penis. I got this condition for several time when attempting to have sex during December. Something strange for me, when my wife give HJ to me, my penis is a bit harder rather than when I try to have sex. My conclusion during that time is my habit (M) still have big impact on me and my brain not rewired well yet.

So I started again nofap from last December. I spoke to my wife about my problem and how to cure it naturally by doing nofap at least 3 months etc. I told her my knowledge I got from nofap, rebootnation, Gary Wilson etc. Luckily again, she was very supportive to me.

Since I started nofap again last December, here are my activities:
– No porn. It was easy for me because actually I didn’t really addicted  to porn like hell.
– I did meditation not daily. Sometimes every day and some other day only once or twice a week. It really helpful to reduce stress on my mind.
– Excercise : my fave exercise is running. I practice afternoon/morning run for once to twice a week.
– I practice keggels but not daily. Only when I remember. maybe 1 – 2 times a week.
– I didn’t really take attention to food diet strictly but I increase vegetables, fruits, honey every day.
– I consume traditional herb (it is common in my country to consume traditional herb to keep health) which contain ginseng, tribulus, sea horse in January then I stop because I don’t think I got the effect.
– Then in March, I consume a little amount of black seeds (nigella sativa) extract daily till now. This is good for blood circulation. 
– Once I also try herb supplement which contained sky fruit, dark choco, awetto and ginseng.
– My wet dream experience is routinely happened since week 3 in January. Since then I almost got WD every week. Sometimes with dream sometimes nocturnal emission.
– Morning wood also happen almost daily. Actually before started nofap, I also had my MW almost daily.
– Flatline is happened since I start nofap until end of March. This is really nightmare for me because I didn’t expect this will happen in long period. It made me freaking out. My penis got smaller and hard to achieve erection. Few times I try to M, but nothing happened, still limp. Even when I watch only foreplay scene (kissing), my penis was dead.
– So since last December until end of March I only enjoying my time with my wife. I hug a lot, I cuddle with my wife a lot, I kissed my wife a lot. I spent my quality time with my wife during that time.
– I am muslim and I practice praying every day. I recite holy Koran to prevent me thinking porn etc.

Change happen in the end of March. Slowly my libido is back. When I try to have sex, my penis getting hard although not in full capacity, let say around 75%. My confidence is gain. The next following day getting harder around 80% – 85%. Slowly I can penetrate to my wife’s V. I was excited then. But sometimes my ED also got worse again when I am in stress due to work. The penis go limp again. I even cum (when M) when in limp on mid April. This is my first streak during nofap program. But then my ED is slowly reduce and can achieve erection 90%! I can penetrate again when having sex with my wife. Until now I still optimistic I can achieve 100% and my ED will gone forever although some PE problem sometimes happen to me.

Now I still on my way to reduce ED from my body. Trust me, nofap really works. Do not forget also that our mind play important role in ED (in my case).

Thanks for reading my story and I hope we can support each other.


LINK – Story of mine – Newly married with positive progress to overcome ED

BY – gaink