Age 29 – plugged the holes in my sinking ship and now have the time and energy to rebuild

Nofap has helped plug the holes in my sinking ship and has given me the time and energy to rebuild. Feel like ive only started to scratch the surface too

I’m 29.. i felt the shell of the human being, a fog of nothing and needed radical change.

Porn was just one thing.. but a major one

Im able to utilise myself more and remember who the fuck i really am.. no longer wasting away in the tiny bubble id been trapped in.. able to burst out to see new limits.. channel all my energy into other things.. once the ball starts rolling the momemtum gathers too Tons of benefits.. also healthy eating, gym, fresh air, exercise, destressing, learning new things, branching out. Social anxiety draining away. Self acceptance..

Words are cheap though.. to feel it is best. I wanna feel more of it

Most notable amount of change happened early, probably first 45 days. But with each day i feel more solid.. like i achieved the structure which was noticeable, but now the structure is becoming denser and with it longer lasting stability and longevity maybe.. idk though its hard to pinpoint the definition of the feeling.. I think by day 365 ill be a more fleshed out version of what this is and probably understand the true differences between the life prior and after, what the journey was.. if i think about it, i feel and act a better quality of myself these days

LINK – So this is what day 90 feels like

By ghostofghostington