Age 29 – Pornfree for a Month and Difference Is Amazing

Long time lurker, first time poster! I’m 29 and I recently got into a new relationship after ending a long term one several months ago. After my last relationship ended my porn use increased significantly.

When I began getting intimate with my new partner, I had a hard time maintaining an erection, which is a problem I never had before and shouldn’t be experiencing in my 20s.

It was an eye opening experience so I started on PornFree a month ago! I haven’t completely cut out fapping or orgasms, but I masturbate significantly less and never with porn as a stimulus. I try and keep most of my sexual activity with my partner though. I’m happy to say my libido has shot through the roof. Twice this past week I was able to go two times in a single night! Having a wonderful and supportive partner who stuck with me during the frustrating times made a huge difference. This is such a great and supportive community and definitely keep it up!

LINK – Pornfree for a Month and Difference Is Amazing

By BenyaKrik89