Age 29 – Quitting let me get a girlfriend

I passed for months free of porn a few days ago and figured I’d share the results!

My goal was to quit pornography, I find that with every passing week I think about it less and less I can barely even remember what they look like. I’m still with the girlfriend I met around the same time I quit ( she asked me not to) we live together and it’s pretty great! I really love her and we have a lot of fun together!

I felt like I’d break her heart if I did that again so it was a whole lot easier to quit with that motivation.
It didn’t make my testosterone go up and be all alpha male, that’s a fantasy. Got mine measured in the middle of all of it and it was normal. Do feel regular horniness and not just dull like I did with porn addiction.

Quitting allowed me to love myself a bit more and by consequence I have opportunities to be more confident!
My results are pretty much, it removed the guilt of porn and allowed me to move on with my life.

I have sex and mb off an on but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. I’ve went 60 days without doing it, no difference. Semen retention doesn’t work for me.

Quitting gave me the opportunity to get a girlfriend and finally not be alone after all these years. That was motivation enough. Hope you guys find it as well.


Source: 4 months clean, living with gf, life is good

By: RealV8