Age 29 – Social interactions were terrifying; now witty and sharper; man-boobs gone

I am a 29 yr old male with a strong addiction for P and M. My performances at school and at work were direct negative correlation to PMO habits. Talking, social interactions were so terrifying. Never made friends with the guy working next to me who was a good guy. Only attracted negative people to life. Even my physique was stooped and looked like a baby. My performance at school dipped and I was asked to leave from almost 3 places I worked. No matter how well I looked, my dating life was at nil. My life was on a negative spiral and I had no escape and no answer.

Started Nofap 1 and half years ago. Its my first 90 day streak. The benefits for me were never instantaneous and they have a more snowballing effect. The physical benefits were the first to appear and mental benefits like confidence took much longer to manifest. I never realized how powerful I have become when I was able to make a beautiful girl extremely wet even before getting into bed.

  • Much happier and self worth has increased. I hated myself earlier and as a result confidence was much lower. Now my high self worth means that I can talk to people with confidence and stand up for myself without being the nice guy looking for validation.

  • More spontaneous! My favorite. more witty in conversations and sharper in meetings. Earlier used to think so long before forming ideas.

  • Physique has changed. More handsome with upright posture. Baby fat on cheeks have disappeared. Bad case of manboobs has disappeared all of a sudden.

  • Voice is manly and confident. One of the first benefits that I noticed.

  • Self improvement on steroids. I meditate 20*2 minutes per day and read books daily.

  • Finally I have a job that I really like, manager that loves me and I am getting good feedback everyday. I am up for a promotion to an executive position.

I only regret not discovering nofap any earlier. Cheers!

LINK – 90 days and beyond: my future self

By super_egoist99