Age 29 – Ten years of PIED: I’m finally cured, my life has never been this great.


I’m 29 and been a porn addict since 14 years old.First of all I have been through  all the super intense addiction, met plenty of women where I couldn’t get hard and I know how it feels to be as ham ed of yourself in front of a woman you conquered. I met a girl I really love recently and the anxiety of not performing was strong.

I never had such good sex in my entire life than right now, my erections with this girl are rock solid like a steel beam. To make it short, I will start with the main ingredients of my success :

(Not in order )

  • I went through a therapy with a sex therapist all winter.
  • I used some legal drugs we have in Canada to get stronger erections and to enhance my libido (Natural products, stuff called Arize)
  • I guided my girlfriend through not making me cum is not a big deal and when it happened, she was worried and I was like ”huh? Why are you worried? It’s nothing it’s normal, you’ll see I’ll orgasm some days, I’ve been like that a lot in my life”
  • I stopped porn, went back into it, stopped, went back into it for a year.
  • I stopped masturbating as soon as I met this girl, now my orgasms needed to be with her and I was motivated to do it. (We know how the brain associates your orgasms with what you do and feel)
  • The amount of testosterone in my body was huge, it made me become a man, an aggressive man with alot of drive, stop masturbating for a while, you’ll get hooked on the testosterone and how you feel like a king. You’ll perform better in life, women will notice you more, and you will show more power and more strength. It will be easier to stop porn too I think.

I had sex 8-9 times with her, our relationship is recent and we connect a lot. Today, we did it twice, the first time we did it, she orgasmed before me, she likes it deep and I prefer to ram in order to cum, so she came first and then I went to my rhythm and I came. We both were mind blown, best sex we have ever had in our entire lives. She makes my dick hard everywhere we go; she teases me all the god damn time at the park, in the car, she goes crazy about how I’m always hard and how she can make my dick hard anywhere, all the time, everywhere. It’s because I gave up porn almost a year ago and now I orgasm all the time with her, she is what makes me hard and she is completely in love with me, I make her orgasm all the time when we do it too.

What I can say from my experience with severe ED and anxiety is if you are single, it will be a big struggle because there is no huge motivation behind it but do it anyway, act like sex depends on finding a woman and you’ll find one. The legal drug to get hard I was taking helped me a lot to cure my ED, therapists will tell you can get hooked but guess what.. I took it a few times, had some very good sex, first few times I didn’t orgasm, I made it feel like it’s no big deal. One morning I came, felt so fucking intense and good, my brain registered it.

I kept taking the drug and some libido stimulants. Then one day I forgot to take them and it’s after I had some intense and super amazing sex than I realized.. Whoa… Wait a second, I didn’t take the pills?


Well there you go… Now I just don’t care anymore, today I didn’t take any pills, last time I orgasmed was with her 3-4 days ago, we did it, I came today, it rocked, sex was super awesome, no pills, nothing.. I’m flabbergasted. Do I wanna watch porn? HELL NO, not even a little, the sex I have with her is better than porn, it’s simply impossible to beat, don’t get me wrong, I love porn with a passion… But porn is far from feeling as good as a warm pussy bouncing on your dick and screaming that your dick is so hard and that she wants it deeper inside of her, and you’re just enjoying it to the maximum because your brain is not even worried about ED, your brain is focusing about how horny you are and how that pussy feels so fucking amazing wrapped around your dick. (Keep in mind that last time I came was with her, 3-4 days ago and I’m having sex with her today.. My dick was hard as fuck)
Then be yourself, live your sexuality, do whatever turns you on, whatever feels good, just take that girl and pound her like an animal, whatever you want, do it, she’ll love it.

Hell I even came in 2 minutes in doggy style once, I threw her on the bed like an animal, pulled off her pants and just rammed her till I came in 1-2 minutes just like an amateur porn movie I used to watch to get off in the past… 1-2 minutes??? What the hell!!! I have never been fast like that in my entire life, what’s happening to me!! Fortunately most sex sessions last 10-20-30 minutes, lots of foreplay, lots of fun, we just do whatever feels good and fun. We do lots of role-play too.

I am literally mind blown about what’s happening to me. This girl is a little horny demon man… And I wish you all the same thing.

From an old porn addict who lived with ED in front of women from 18 years old to 29 years old, and I’m finally cured, my life has never been that great.

LINK – I met the love of my life and I quit porn since 1 year, here’s my success story

BY – Gabsks