Age 29 – This shit is the real deal guys. It’ll change your life.

I haven’t visited this sub in about a year. I feel like i need to share my story. I was addicted to this garbage since i was in my teens. Im 29 now. I was in a relationship with a girl since i was 19. Our sex life was never all that [great]. Im talking like once a month at times. Porn kept me sexually satisfied and it kept me in a limbo with life. I settled with a boring life for 9 years!

I was just coasting through life with barely any excitement or emotion or drive toward anything. My girl was the type that loved going with the motions on a day to day basis. She was completely ok with it. Ive always been a go getter and an adventure seeking person. That life i lived for the past 10 years wasn’t me and i knew that.

So i started research and ended up here. Through literally about a thousand attempts i kicked porn and jerking off. My entire life changed. There were many changes but the most noticeable and important were i got a sense of self worth back. My emotions were EXTREME. I feel like a man everyday.

I was engaged to get married while i was doing nofap. Once i kicked the habit and felt like my true self again i realized i wasn’t living the life i wanted and i was doing it with someone i didn’t even want. I called off the wedding a month before hand. It was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with but I’m the happiest I’ve been in my whole life now. At the time i thought nofap was destroying my life but i was wrong.

Now i travel at least once a month. I invest lots of money. I work out and stay in shape.

I met a girl that craves and adores me and we have sex sometimes 3 times a day. This shit is the real deal guys. It’ll change your life.

If you’ve been jerking off to porn for awhile, then right aren’t who you really are. You’re a robot thats hiding your true self. Get off the stuff.

Im just posting this as a thank you to the sub. So thank you and good luck to the guys fighting this addiction. Stay persistent guys. You will fall plenty of times. But keep getting up and you’ll never regret it.

LINK – This stuff works

By Shimano-228