Age 29 – “Unnatural” fetishes and sexual obsessions are slowly disappearing

*Summary of my 75-Day NoFap results* [THIS STUFF WORKS GUYS! There is another life waiting for you!]

Be aware that I was not part of a nofap community so far. I am not making things up or copy the results of others.

  1. I love life a lot more. Especially people

  2. People like me more, its very obvious. Strong self-reinforcing properties with #1

  3. More Attraction. Women became more touchy-feely towards me.

  4. Confidence! I speak up without caring or overthinking stuff

  5. I can appreciate female beauty for what it is. No instant sexualization

  6. Social anxiety (mild-moderate) is gone. What a relieve guys

  7. People ask me if I grew taller on a regular basis lol (physically, I did not, obviously)

  8. People seem to be genuinely happy to interact with me

  9. Better self-control. I started taking cold showers just like that, where I was behaving like a pussy before

  10. Stronger in the Gym (noteworthy, since I am a long-time gymrat already)

  11. Better focus in class and at work

  12. Stronger emotions, positive and negative. I also pick up on people’s moods easier

  13. I smile and laugh more often

  14. I like how I look in the mirror. Considered myself unattractive before that

  15. I started to turn my life around and plan for the future! Thank God for that man

  16. Aquired, “unnatural” fetishes and sexual obsessions are slowly disappearing. Things I always genuinely liked are staying, though

I intend to stay in hardmode for a while, at least another 2 months. No plans for re-introducing fapping. Some difficulties I discovered:

  1. – Still urges on a irregular basis. I take them for what they are, very controllable

  2. – Feels like quitting a drug, literally, first month was bad

  3. – Sometimes I miss the good old pervert times

  4. – Bad flatline around week 2-4. depression, tired, zero motivation

  5. – rarely, my balls hurt

  6. -/+ increased sensitivity towards drugs like coffee or alcohol. Even small amounts rock my world now

*Real quick bio part*

: 29 year old, ex- chronic masturbator here. Fapping with porn since shooting blanks, maybe age 10. It got really bad over the years, talking

  • shemale/BDSM/Gay-porn,

  • strong objectification of women,

  • strong self- sexualization,

  • shame,

  • social anxiety,

  • new fetishes that would make me barf in real life,

  • obsession, fun = sex

  • fapping being better than actual sex in a long-time relationship,

all the good stuff.

The last time I had sex was mid- August. After that, I had a couple last fapping sessions and realized I wanted to change this aspect of my life forever.

Keep it up guys!

LINK – 75 Days – totally worth it

By deathmaschine