Age 29 – When you accept your dark side with complete control, anything is possible


Started NoFap when I was 24, 29 now. I only needed 1 week of retention to gain benefits then it grows from there. I have growth periods where I workout and travel the world for 3 months or so and I am so focused that I forget about PMO anyways. If you distract yourself constantly it will make it easier. Then I have times of indulgence where I feel relaxed and need to be treated.

It’s not about porn or fapping, it’s about avoiding the real world and seeing only what you want to see. Once you realize girls outside of porn are totally different than what you thought they were, it is possible to balance both worlds and experience the full intimacy with a women or on-screen without the guilt.

Humans eat more than you think, semen retention was recommended in times of stress, starvation, and cold weather. Guess what? We live in heated homes, have access to a whole bunch of food, and don’t have to worry about any predators. This is a time of growth and satisfying all your fantasies before you let go of everything and feel accomplished enough to let go of all attachment.

As for symptoms, I was just depressed with my life and needed drastic change. A mid life crisis basically at ~25 years old. I let go of everything, my attachments to computers, porn, alcohol, etc. Natural balance is achieved quite easily if you interact with nature. Benefits? I gained massive strength, confidence that I am in control of my life, met good people that have taught me a lot of things, and the strength to let go of all attachments at any time in my life.

From my experience with NoFap over the past 5 years and being a buddhist monk for 3 years is that it was never the porn or the fapping. If you began your sexuality with the use of porn for years before actually getting laid it will affect your success with females drastically.

Abstaining from PMO is a great tool to help you focus on improving yourself, learning about self-discipline, and realizing what a female actually is compared to what you see on the screen; when was the last time you actually saw a girl orgasm in porn? Rarely. When you can actually master self-control and give a girl 4 orgasms an hour you will feel what no porn will ever give you; a woman’s gratitude.

When you starve the beast it will go looking for it elsewhere. However you must listen to your body as well, if you starve yourself too long it will have negative consequences where you actually train yourself to be disgusted by sex or you just care about getting laid instead of being awestruck by the beauty of a females majestic presence. I don’t even keep count anymore; sometimes I realize I’ve gone weeks without PMO, then other times I realize I am getting women easily and masturbating without porn. Follow your natural hormonal rhythm, dogs hump anything when they are sexually frustrated too ya’know.

It only takes 1 week of abstaining from PMO to get positive results, if you watch responsible and passionate porn it can be a great learning experience as well as pleasurable. Don’t starve yourselves fellow fapstronauts, instead use NoFAP as a tool when you are stressed and need to get shit done. When I travel, am stressed, feel sick or down, or preparing for a date or appointment I use NoFap. Otherwise I edge to last longer in bed or do keggles/jelqs to improve my performance/size. If you’re the type to jerk it 8 times a day or spend 20 hours a week watching porn, that’s on you mate.

Yin energy is very powerful, learn to please the woman above your needs and you’ll be a very happy and healthy individual. Try to ejaculate every 10 to 100 copulation’s and work on edging instead of a 30 second self-handjob. Read up on traditional Chinese medicine, they figured everything out 2000 years ago.

Just eat healthy, strength-train with heavy weights at least once a week, see a psychiatrist if you have severe social anxiety or depression (it’s not your fault), and go outside to seek adventure. It’s where you invest your time that matters, and avoiding fake as hell porn.

Ask me anything; I went from zero to hero in 5 years.

I don’t feel much difference when I masturbate. If I am sick, weak, cold, or too tired of course I will retain; but occasional indulgence will help with sexual frustration which can actually manifest as hatred or guilt.

Feeling down? Just be like ok I will let go of all this shit for a week and focus my time on a project. Do you have any idea how much can be done in 1 week with full attention and commitment? Limitless.

My meditation masters taught me to learn who I was and accept my strengths and weaknesses. The whole point is to get to know yourself and see where you are in excess and nonsense.

You can be responsible with anything if you try hard enough. I recommend Nofap monkmode for 3 years and see what kind of selfcontrol you will attain. Once the lessons have been learned you can come back to the real world and act in real world ways. If you want to be a monk go to the mountains, you can’t escape yourself or society in either case.

There are times when you need to be celibate and then when you’re in the real world you must divulge in your animal instincts time to time.

I learned about self-sacrifice and when to drop things when needed when I want to. Learn to control the vessel you are entrapped in. Once you’re fully in control and accept your dark side while you’re in control, anything is possible.

We are all warriors here on nofap, you really have to test your potential by exploring the world around you instead of living in the virtual world for 70% of your time. Just go to a city, get a little drunk, have no expectation, and you’d be surprised what can happen. Just keep trying day by day you will learn what to do just by doing it, that’s what humans are good at.

LINK – 5 years experience: NoFap is a tool, not a sustainable lifestyle.

By Michael_Y