Age 30 – Far less anxious than before. Can talk with girls without fear. Have more focus and more importantly more joy for life.

Good day everyone, arrived in 100 days I want to share with you some improvements that I noticed in this period.

First I want to say that I am much, much less anxious than before. Guys do not know how much difference I see compared to before. I can talk with girls quietly without fear and shame. I’m having a holiday alone, which I could not do until a few months ago. People seem to notice me, before it did not happen. I have more focus, more concentration and more importantly more joy for life. I want to tell you not to lose hope because everything is possible and everything can change. A hug to all of you brothers and that God bless you.

LINK – 100 Days more change, feel better

by ALEX_88

UPDATE – 120 days, small review and some advice

Hi guys, I write a short post to celebrate 120 days without PMO. I must admit that it was not easy to get here, the thing that pushed me most of all to move forward is the MOTIVATION.
I have not yet noticed the superpowers of which many speak.
My only problem is perhaps to accept my strange fantasies or call them perversions, only that I still can not, maybe they will have to spend more days for a complete reboot.

I want to make a small list of things where I have improved since I decided to take this path:

– better concentration
– mental fog disappeared
– more connection with people
– less or almost no sense of guilt
– more energy for the activities to be carried out during the day

another little advice, in the morning I wake up early so as to plan all my day, I find it very useful, moreover I am less nervous than before.

greetings to all of you guys, remember to never give up

See you soon