Age 29 – Had DE, now way harder, much more libido and way more intense sex

I stopped watching porn for good because of this (I was moderately addicted at least) – I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a hard on at night. I also had difficulty keeping it up during sex the last time I had sex before I quit.

Since I stopped watching porn I naturally jerk off less now and, from about the 60 day mark, my frequent boners are back with a vengeance to the point where they’re actually almost disrupting my sleep a bit.

Around the 50 day mark I had sex for the first time since going porn free – absolutely 0 problems whatsoever maintaining and it made such a difference over all – way harder, much more libido and way more intense sex driven by all of the aforementioned things.

Another thing – time flies, it really does. Once you break two weeks, that alone is a massive motivation to continue on and then suddenly you’re at 30 days, then 50 and so on – every day adds strength to your journey.

Here’s an important question for you all:

How frequently do you get a hard on when you’re not specifically trying/jerking off or having sex?

If the answer is basically never, including at night, then you could be doing much more harm than good and you should address it before it becomes a long term problem.

Good luck – I know I’ll never go back now and I hope you guys find good reasons of your own to do the same if it improves your lives.

I had the opposite problem [not premature ejaculation].

If you’re jerking off a lot I think you can damage your prostate without realising it – wouldn’t be surprised of premature ejaculation is included in the side effects of that

The biggest thing I noticed is that my negative behavioural habits (binge eating, alcohol cravings, no motivation to exercise etc) definitely correlated to my porn cravings.

So if I watched porn then I’d be way more likely to slide into those other bad habits.

About 30 days after I quit I maintained two weeks of the healthiest lifestyle I’ve lived for years;

Maintained and absolutely loved a restricted diet (vegan and gluten free) including periods of fasting which was honestly incredible – tons more energy, way happier and better concentration.

I ran my fastest 5km time in 3 years

My alcohol consumption definitely decreased

My focus and productivity was so much better in general

To each their own but my life greatly benefited from all of the above

I’d wanted to quit porn for years, had gone for weeks at a time before before relapsing

This time I quit because I was actually damaging my physical health – for it to take almost two months of concentrated effort to recover to what is probably a normal level of spontaneous erections is a very serious issue.

The other things is that of course most girls both watch porn and are acutely aware of the behavioural side effects that porn cause for men. If you have trouble getting it up in the bedroom you can almost be sure that your partner will consider porn addiction as one of the probable reasons.

LINK – Day 68 for me and I’ve noticed something new recently

by my-name-is-GeorgeHen

Day 100: Insights for you all

100 days – This is the longest I’ve ever gone without watching porn (M29).

I posted on here when I reached day 69 🤘🏼 because things were changing for me as a result of stopping and it took that long to really notice.

Reason I stopped watching porn: I couldn’t remember the last time I got a spontaneous hard on – even at night.

The other reason was that I had trouble maintaining an erection in the bedroom and trouble climaxing – it rarely happened.

I decided to stop watching porn and knew I’d fap less as a result and it worked. So here’s a timeline of my results so far and I expect the results to improve in the future too:

Day 8: first night I woke up with a hard on

Day 40: first time I noticed night time hard ons becoming a regular thing

Day 60: first time I had sex since I started and getting and maintaining an erection was no longer an issue at all and the same with climaxing

Day 80: first time I noticed them spontaneously occur after day to day things like speaking to a girl with whom I have loads of chemistry

Day 100: just an improvement on day 80 and I expect it’ll improve further

GOOD changes I’ve noticed:

All that’s detailed in the timeline above

Sex is way more passionate and my sex drive is way higher

I’m definitely more attracted to personality and chemistry features as time goes on which I like – attraction feels so much more real.

BAD changes I’ve noticed:

The only one is that I actually climax really quickly now X-D at least I now have the stamina to go again whereas I definitely wouldn’t have had that before

Ask yourselves when’s the last time you had a spontaneous erection? If you’re like me and you can’t remember, you might be on the road to causing serious damage to yourself physically and mentally. I say that because the girl I was seeing was blunt – she could tell my performances in bed were marred by porn and fap and told me that even though I denied it. It’s crushing to hear a girl tell you that you’re not satisfying her and that the reason is something so vile and she knows it…..

The best pieces of advice I can give you all is this:

  1. Download a timer app which will show you the days, hours, minutes and seconds since you stopped – massive motivation for me. It’s great when you’ve been busy at work for a while and then notice that 8 days has gone by, for example.

  2. Do the same with fap – challenge yourself to no fap for small intervals of time at the start but be reasonable! I initially thought that 3 times a week was a good but fair start – that’s once every 48 hours. I found that helped with not watching porn because, after that long, I didn’t need porn to get off.

  3. Most importantly, time flies – it really does. Once you break 3 days, a week quickly rolls around and then it gets way easier. Once you get to a month and you’re looking at your timer you won’t want to break that incredible streak so it’s easy to continue on.

I know I’m done for good now – no way I’ll break a streak of 100+ days.

Any questions or thoughts please comment below and I’ll answer back!