Age 30 – I KILLED it as best man at my brother’s wedding

My older brother got married last night and I was best man. HOLY CRAP! I was talking to everyone and it just seemed to natural to go from person to person in a crowd, conversing with everyone clearly! My best man speech was elitist at best, everyone loved it and was even talking about it at the family reunion today. It has been such a busy weekend and I have loved it! My family notices something so different , and I think it is making them healthier knowing my bad past with my family!

So far I cleaned up my drug use, all sexual activity, diet is wholesome and exercising nearly everyday now, with gains. Now I am wanting to start taking Jing Tonic herbs to help enhance this experience in life. Much more connected spiritually too

I’m 30. I had a fap addiction since I was 14, plus heavy drugs over past 8 years. I tried this bout a couple months ago, first streak being a couple weeks or so. Other benefits I feel like I have an adrenaline rush in the morning when waking up , better memory and focus and everything’s just easier I guess. Still struggle with laziness a little and blue balls and urges but it all ends up going away , takes practice lol.

LINK – I KILLED it as best man at my bros wedding

By encryptedsignal