Age 30 – No brain fog. Memory improved. Energy level high. Sense of humor improved. More people attracted to me.

today is my 90 day of nofap

Pros :
1. No brain fog.
2. Memory power improve.
3. Eye sight improve i think.
4. less sleep required.
5. Energy level high
6. dark circle gone under my eye.
7. No back pain
8. skin tone improved
9. face become glowing
10. freely i can talk with anyone
11. more smile on my face.
12. sense of humor improved.
13. more people attract to me.
14. porn addiction gone.

1. wet dreams once in every month.
2. when i go to urinate sometime sticky gel came.
3. people think i am taking some drugs bcoz i am smiling every time

conclusion :- nofap work .. its give you some type of energy but i think i didn’t properly use this energy .

LINK – 90 days complete