Age 30 – No more ED or flatline, even after several orgasms. I feel I’m healed

Days 189 – 209 without PMO – I’m healed!!!


Hi guys, sorry for the 20 days hiatus here. To be honest I’m feeling healed already. As described on day 188 I had a super successful sexual session, almost like on my ‘gold days’. And even after O, i haven’t felt down on a flatline.

So days 189-199 were without sex, but with consistent MW, random erections, feeling good etc. On day 200 I had again a super sexual session, this time not ‘saving’ O. And I think that day marks the end of my reboot/rewire jouney, with success.

I traveled to Czech Republic and in the train I was super horny already. Went to the restaurant of the train, invited a beautiful czech girl there if she wanted to have a beer with me. She closed her book, gave me a beautiful smile and was super happy to chat with me for 3 hours. On that evening I’ve met another girl friend of mine already in Czech. She was not thaaat hot, but still I was horny enough to have sex for hours. She reached orgasm more than 7 times. Sometimes I paused during the sex and went to oral sex/fingering on her, and after she orgasmed I gave us a break. Sometimes I O’ed too. It was a ‘free session’, without any worries with PIED or whatsoever. Hours and hours of intimacy, the way I love it.

After my first O on that night it took less than 15 minutes for me to be hard again. But then when we started having sex again, I felt that I was losing my erection. Which was not a big problem actually. I put my tongue and fingers to work, she was super happy. We slept together and on the morning after I woke up with a super erection. We started the day having an amazing sex, and I O’ed again. So it was three O with her in total.

On the same day (already day 201), in the afternoon, I was having random erections. At the evening I was on a huge party and couldn’t stop thinking on sex. But all I managed was to kiss two diferent girls. One of them was an Only Fans hot model, I just discovered later.

On the day after (day 203) I woke up beyond horny. I needed sex, couldn’t think on anything else. So despite not speaking Czech and being in a small town there, I managed to find an escort from Ucrania, and we had a beautiful sex together. She was super gentle and sweet, felt like having sex with a girlfriend, very passionate. Despite my 3 O’s from two days ago, I was super hard and we had sex without any issue. But after 20 minutes or so, I started losing my erection (from 100% to 70%). So I went harder on her, O’ed and felt super relaxed.

Hours later I was having random erections again, and till now (day 209) I’m having random erections and consistent MW’s.

So yes, I feel I’m healed. I just need to keep with my sports to keep my testosterone peaking high, in order to keep long lasting erections even after O’ing a few times. But even when I was younger it happened with me to lose my erection quality after having much sex. I don’t think it’s related with porn or PIED anymore. I’m feeling healed. After all these sex and orgasms I haven’t had anything like flatline anymore. I’m hard everyday, and thinking about sex almost all the time. :)

I’ve been super busy lately, but soon I’ll prepare a special post on ‘success stories’. Even if day 183 could be my official ‘recovery day’, since I had hours of sex, O’ed and had no flatline, I prefer to consider day 200 as my mark. Because on day 200 I finally had sex without any ‘ghost’, without any worries, and O’ed freely without feeling it as a threat to my progress. I think that since the day 200 I consider myself healed.

I will try to be around in the community from time to time to support and inspire. And I’ll be forever grateful to this community and the knowledge behind it. Without it I would certainly spend the second half of my life super miserably. Keep the faith and you’ll heal too, I’m sure about it! Cheers!

LINKDays 189 – 209 without PMO – I’m healed!!!

By – casanova