Age 30 – Prouder to be me, finances improving


I am celebrating 200 days today. As people will know by now I am no fan of the superpower myth. I think nofap mostly makes me just a bit prouder to be me. It is something I can be successful at without doing much. For me it is easy to keep up the streak when I am employed and busy. It would get harder if I lost my job and would have more time as I noticed last year.

I do not notice any wonders of women suddenly being into me. Although I would not rule out that there is a small effect. But it is so slight it could easily be noise. Things like being a bit better friends with female housemates. I even went on something like a date with one. After all I have not had sex at all this streak, nor even made out with anyone. That is mostly due to there being few opportunities for going out because of the job.

I have to say I like where my life is going financially. Since I discovered nofap I built a small hut in the garden where I sleep which means I can rent out 5 out of six rooms in my place. That means my net worth will be in five figures soon instead of four. Yay.

On the downside I don’t really know how to get out of the dating slump. I could either hope to date a roommate (doubly fucked up because I’m landlord) or some day hope to quit the job to go hunting chicks full time. I dunno yet. The other downside is the depression and social isolation associated with being single, thirty and working your ass off fulltime in a society where part-time work is the norm. I hope this will pay dividents in a few years.

My next goal is to reach the magical one year mark on nofap.

As for my age, i just turned 30.

LINK – Celebrating 200 days

By timwaagh