Age 30 – Sex more passionate and sensitivity heightened


Run down of 90 days from a bachelor..The first 2 weeks were challenging — slight brain fog, resisting temptation, staying busy and avoiding social media where I know I’ll encounter illicit material (I also enabled restricted mode on my phone and laptop). I had infrequent erections. Possibly from PIED.

15-30 days, still no “superpowers” but I can tell biological and mental changes were occurring like faster facial hair growth.

30-60 days, not “superpowers” but innate abilities that weren’t being utilized efficiently– I noticed my voice getting deeper, huge spike in confidence, maintaining eye contact with whoever I interacted with, (it was more noticeable with women)better posture, I was less lethargic and much more focused.

60-90 days, lingering benefits aforementioned but way more prominent.

What I’ve learned. Porn is toxic and can ruin something beautiful and intimate. During this timeframe I had sex with this girl I dated and I’m telling you that it was much more passionate and sensitivity was heightened, so euphoric. I’ve also learned to be more direct with women as far as asking them out on dates– giving them a time and date rather asking them when they’re free..I’ll be continuing my streak and I hope whoever reads this gets inspired to go this route.

TL;DR: hard mode achieved, innate abilities unlocked, better sex and realizing porn is toxic.

The instant gratification you get PMO’ing isn’t worth it, the shame and regret sucks. I relapsed after 1 week and installs regretted it. Haven’t looked back since. Hard work but it’s worth it 150%. Never looking back.

*EDIT: Normal Mode Achieved. Seems like my terms were mixed up ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

LINK – Hard Mode Achieved!

By Fifthoneoh

So I started this journey in becoming a better man and to recover from PIED — that I did. (31 Y.O. M)

Anyways, had sex numerous times after about 80 days and around 230 days. I relapsed(just M) a few days ago and I’m not ashamed or mad. The intimacy and passion when I had sex  is what I gained from this journey. I made progress and I’m happy with the results. To those that relapsed, don’t be too hard on yourselves. Shit happens. Good luck y’all.

After 241 days, relapse: Normal Mode.