Age 30s – After 15 years of damage, PIED gone, lost 10kgs, more creative

3rd post and I can’t be more thankful to this community. Sorry if post is too long but definitely our generation needs reckoning. Some lines copied from my earlier post.

I’m in my early 30s and addicted to porn since 15 years with intermittent 4-5 days/week watching porn and almost every alternate day masturbation n at times daily 2-3 times as well. Since last 6 months I’m unable to get erection with my partner at all and this is really frustrating for both of us. Last couple of times, it didn’t get hard with hand stimulation and even if gets hard, it loses erection as soon as I tried to go in. I do get morning woods.

Got checked for testosterone and it’s at lower level of normal range. Took Viagra 50mg, it helped but still wanted that natural experience. Almost every time during real sex I used to imagine the pornstar’s picture and moved to different genres to get boner but eventually over couple of months later, I didn’t get boner at all whatever I try. Did Google search, Erectile dysfunction and via some Reddit post in ED section came across this community. Reading on success stories here + YBOP, started NoFap.

Few comments on my Reboot –

  1. For initial few weeks, you will get very strong urge to Fap lasting no more than 5 mins, pls don’t fap at all. Your dick may shrivel to size 0, relax it’s quite normal. Cold shower helps.Your dick will randomly get hard in later days like it’s full but not rock hard ( it’s a sign of recovery).

  2. Do not edge.

  3. Don’t touch your dick at all except during bathe n loo.

  4. Random night erections. More but not daily morning wood

  5. Avoid any sexy movies for few weeks

  6. I had sex with partner after 35 days, used Viagra 50mg as safety net, Rock hard boner but with severe headache. Didn’t use next two times and it was rock hard like it should be. It’s not a hardware down but software problem in our brain.

  7. Exercise, I lost 10kgs in 2 months

  8. Take multivitamins like Wellman Conception.

  9. Strict no porn and no MO with any virtual/screen stimulus.

You become more creative and for some unknown reason more candid smiles from females. I’ll say it’s worth spending 3months to recover after 15yrs of damage ( I’m determined to finish 90 days ) and continue No PMO for life to prevent relapse.

LINK – 15 yrs of porn >> 3 yrs of suffering >> Severe PIED >> NoFap+YBOP >> Day 45 >> Reboot effects showing up >> Normalcy is back >> Continue NoFap

By novice3hw