Age 30’s – Married: Succesful sex – hard as a rock. I haven’t been able to do this in 8 years. Several other benefits.


Was at the lowest point of my life. Discovered this sub (and mostly Reddit) at the end of January. Read close to a thousand posts. Got extremely motivated. Also a bit disappointed I didn’t make an effort to discover this resource earlier (could have saved 10+ years of misery), but forgeddaboudid.

You see, I’m in my 30s and have been on the fap train for 20+ years. Every day. Several times a day. The result? Extreme social anxiety. Loss of eye contact. Shame. Guilt. Self-loathing. Major memory loss. And most importantly, HEAVY brain fog. Oh, did I mention ED? Yes, couldn’t get it up with the wife. And even if I managed to, couldn’t keep it up. Huge problem, guys, just fucking depressing.

On to the good. Late Jan it was. Hard mode, as some of us call it. Tbh, that was the only mode I could do anyway, since sex was out of the question with ED looming. Some prominent milestones:

D7 – Got some of my brain magic back (less fog).

D11-D15 – Remember these being tough.

D22 – Started focusing on other aspects of life; health, mostly. Started watching what I ate. Spoiler alert, ended up losing 23 lbs since.

D45 – Got a natural boner with the wife (without provocative material); this hadn’t happened since we had been married.

D79 – Sex. Without. P. Lasted short, but hey, hard as a rock. Welcome back fella. Ultimate relaxation and euphoria.

D80 – Sex again. What? You heard it right, son (or daughter). Lasted longer, but who cares. Point being, back to back action without losing my boner. This is huge, friends. I haven’t been able to do this in 8 years.

Re: D79/80, yes, lost the retained semen. BUT, none of the side effects of PMO came back for me. I do, however, feel like my body has been in a more relaxed than usual state these two days but that’s almost always the case after sex. I had always wondered if all the benefits of noFap would go away if you deviate from hard mode. Now I know that it doesn’t (at least for myself).

Eternally grateful to this sub. Literally changed my life. Thank you. Cliché, but you need to hear this: if I can, you definitely can. We believe in you.

Tl;dr: Changed my life in 80 days. Negatives of Fapping gone. Sex after hard mode did not take away benefits of noFap. Also ended up losing 23 lbs (bonus baby)!

LINK – My 80+ day update [Get ready for some MOTIVATION]

by scrapsofnothing