Age 31 – Better appearance (skin, eyes), better sleep, more positive and energized

18teen years of PMO ,a life destroyed, without any success in any aspect, another one taking what is born for me, all the chances of success in this life wasted and all just for this damned PMO.

My longest streak without knowing about the nofap community was 1 week and not often just when I was too inspired to quite MO.

Now I’m at last in my 30 days streak  can’t say all my problem are solved but I see the difference and that’s enough to go on.

I am more positive, more energized, no shame neither depression, better appearance, skin, eyes, better attitude toward problems, better sleep and less hours required, don’t get tired so easy like before,

I am lacking too many more benefits yet but they will arrive sooner or later.

Now my goal is 90 days

LINK – At last my 30 days streak in around 18 years of PMO

By Ónitrix