Age 31 – Better dancing skills, decisions and relationships with women

I am 31 years old. My battle with porn addiction has been almost 12 years. Several bad moments: ED, broken relationships, sexual repression, stress, frustration, ignorance, and loneliness were driving me crazy.

Several benefits to quitting porn: improved strength, better dating approach, more confidence, improved relationships with women, removing toxic people out of my life, improved financial decisions, becoming more social in business and community, improved dance skills, etc., just to name a few.

Today makes 54 weeks, 378 days without porn. The past year was a test of mental strength. I really missed watching porn. The sites, sounds, and excitement of seeing naked women getting intimate just gives an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. My body would literally itch to watch people have sex. I would scratch so much that scars have formed. My mom recommended that I apply some antibiotic cream to cure the skin irritation. So far it is working well. Happy to make progress.

Rewiring the brain to no longer respond to porn is tough. A 3-way battle of: man vs porn, man vs. lust, and man vs. self. Thankfully, I am coming out of this victorious. No Fap is definitely helping me write and speak my way into being sexually satisfied without porn.

Forever thankful.

LINK – 54 Weeks Strong…No Longer Missing Porn

By ExpressYourSex