Age 31 – I got boners during video chat with my girlfriend, but not in bed

I was thinking, If I should really write here in success stories section or not! Here legends wrote about 2 years, 90 days, semen retention and 500 days and many many things. And here I am just completed my 30 days that too after long time. Then I thought leave about others, my story is my story, even if one person feels connected to it and could feel that, he must do / keep doing Nofap then, this exercise is worth it.

I am 31 yrs old. Pmoing from last 12 years. But, exposed to high speed easy access porn from last 5/6 years( 4 G jio net launch in India).

Right now, I am struggling with my career and trying to bring things in order.

Why I started these
I was great student in my school days, but, my performance deteriorated immensely from my puberty. I was shy, studious introvert guy. I was was not knowing many things about sex and porn etc. But, when I first saw porn video ( stolen CD from relative) it was really disgusting. I broke away that CD and decided to never watch it again,. But slowing slowing I stated the taste for it and I started watching more of it, with my introvert nature that started to have more server effect on me.
I performed pathetically in my board exams. I took admission in average college and I performed pathetically there as well.

Today I can figure out that craving for sex and hidding in addiction of PMO was one of the main reason. Because studies means tension and if I had tension I used hide in den and PMO. This was like run away mechanism for me.

With progressive time my taste started to change * trigger warning* initially soft porn or images became more and more vulgar. Liking for nasty stuffs and general increased like steps videos and many nasty things. I always felt guilt when I always Orgasmed. But this exercise and its frequency only increased. From 1 times in weeks to 2/3 times a days…
Most importantly I was unaware and innocent about this addiction. I used to think it’s way too normal and all of us does it. Really many many many guys does it even today without knowing its side effect.

This is the reasons many people are facing huge sexual problems and problems in there relationship.

What made me do Nofap:
As Usual as with many guys here,
I was with my girl and she is damm hot. We had many video chats and had shared intimacy. But, the ways I used to have boner with videos and chats with hers, that was no where to be seen when I was with her in bed.

It was shocking and very very weird feeling for me. She handled it very well. It gave me real shock. I shared this with few friends. With this search I came to know about Nofap and addiction of porn.

This was the best decision of my life. Today I completed 30 days. I specifically want to advice to young guys that they must must not fall prey to this addiction and have faith in the process.
I will write afterwards now.

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By quit@porn