Age 31 – I’m a different person, scares the sh*t outa me.

31 years old. Mainly started because I’m lonely/single and I was okay with that. If i continue to be okay with it ill be 50, single and even more lonely.

​Benefits are huge, started hitting the gym every day, tons of energy, waking up before my alarm clock every day and tons of confidence, i look forward to small interactions with people instead of hermit-ting away from them.

​My favorite is that I am much more aware when something or someone is a waste of my time. I am avoiding people I know to be toxic when before I would drink heavily with them every weekend. I am watching youtube less and reading more. Much less time on the computer. I still watch a couple of people on YouTube that I follow, now I just limit myself to not fall into the void of random Bs on there. I had a real issue with it before.

LINK – I feel like I’m a different person, scares the sh*t outa me.

By fivesfe