Age 31 – It’s like my body is going through puberty again… I’m changing for the better every day

This post may contain some triggering material, please read at your own risk.

Hello, I am a former porn/masturbation addict. I have a lot of stuff to say, so im going to try to keep it short and blunt.

– Before I ever discovered orgasms I was a very outgoing goofy guy, I could always make people laugh at school, I was always talkative and goofy and silly, Its like I didnt have a care in the world.

Well that all changed because after I started fapping and orgasming everyday I changed (at the time I had no clue it was PMO related) I became shy, introverted, and I stopped being my goofy self. It was like I was “scared” for people to realize how goofy I was.

Porn and masturbation did kind of ruin some things for me, I had great friends and we would always hang out and do fun stuff, but one day I just started making up excuses as to why I couldnt hang out with them, when in reality all I wanted to do was sit at home, get fucked up, play video games, and fap to porn…. my friends eventually just stopped asking me to hang out because they knew I would say no. I lost a lot of opportunities to meet real women and have good memories i my life.

I was still able to finish a trade school, I have an amazing career and I love my job, I make great money and work with great people, but sometimes I wonder if I wasnt a porn addict maybe I could have been a foreman by now. I always showed up and worked hard, but deep down honestly all I wanted to do was sit at home and jerk off, I had all sorts of sex toys that really spiced things up. I would save up lots of money, then ask for a lay-off from work. So i could sit at home for 6 months in a row just fapping my brains out, smoking weed and playing video games.

Then one day I just kinda got bored of that lifestyle, I dont really know why… I guess you can say I want more out of life. I got tired of fapping to girls I would never meet, I got tired of only having plastic vaginas instead of real ones, I got tired of being so lonely, I got tired of feeling awkward about what man I have become.

So i Quit everything. I quit masturbating, porn, alcohol, weed, junk food, I quit being lazy. I am a completely different man now. I can go on and on about he benefits, theres at least 20 benefits I could think of off the top of my head… so Ill just list the 5 most important benefits I have had so far. (I dont exactly know what day I am on, I never really counted…. All i know is I stopped in january of 2020.)


1: REAL SEX WITH REAL WOMEN…. I always had fantasy of bein with beautiful women, for me it seemed out of reach. The truth is I was just a lazy low-life who did nothing but fap all day. When I stopped fapping I notice tremendous spike in energy and confidence, this led me to start hitting weights hard again, and give me enough confidence to make a new tinder profile…. I am doing pretty well for myself, talk to beautiful women at the gym and on tinder all the time. REAL WOMEN ARE WAY WAY WAY better than porn girls. Real, sexy, funny, mature woman, they are so beautiful, they smell nice, you laugh together, you have fun, passionate intimacy. Ill take a real woman over a porn video any day.

2: MUSCLE AND STRENGTH…. As mentioned above, I now have a lot more energy, and my body just feels like its in better shape. I quit drugs, I eat healthy foods now. Its so easy to gain strength and muscle now. My body looks pretty good If i must say so myself, I have a lot of people compliment my body all the time! Also sleep quality has drastically improved and every night I have very vivid awesome dreams.

3: Overall better appearance….. Less fat, more muscle, skin glows, eyes are white instead of red, bald spot is filling back in, finally able to grow a beard when I couldnt grow one before. Its crazy…. its like my body is going through puberty again… Im just changing for the better every single day it seems.

4: More fun in my life…. ever since I stopped all that nonsense I have much more time to spend with friends and family, and its genuinely fun. Its a different kind of happiness… its like a long lasting happiness, compared to a short fap session.

5: Sky is the limit…. when you cut out all that bullshit you just feel like you are on a different level, like you may actually have a purpose in life instead of just jacking off in your cave, being alone forever. You have so much energy, and focus, and drive, determination…. if you wanna get ripped you will, you wanna make money you will, you want women in your life you will get them. Its like so many new doors open… its just crazy when I look back and think that ws my life, sitting alone fapping all day.

I really hope you people that are doing this nofap/semen retention stick through with it. Yeah there will be days when you just wanna “bust a nut” but dont do it man, turn all that sexual energy into some aggression, and go hit some fucking heavy weights, do reps until your muscles start to fail and shake, then go eat a healthy meal. Do that for a few months and your body will change, your mind will change, your attitude will change, real women will want to talk to a winner instead of fapping loser geek.

Good luck lads, if a 19 year addict like myself can beat this shit, I know you guys can, and when you do.. you wont fucking regret it.


LINK – Hello, former addict here.

By Semen-Master-303