Age 31 – Now, I’m full of life, boundless excitement and energy

It all started when this community was on No Nut November. And now it’s February. This 90 day journey was fucking so hard. But that’s what makes victories so sweet. Lots of blood sweat and tears, I could have easily slipped, it might have happened, luck was part of success, I accept that, but we try it learn it and do it back again.

This victory is a team victory and kudos to all who had my back all the way through in this community. We’re United guys. This is yours to enjoy. You’re winners guys, you strive for it. It’s losers who don’t try. Just get it.

One thing also I wanna note is this NoFap thing is all about the journey. Make the journey fun, you’ll be there sooner rather than later.

I was in shambles 90 days ago. Now I’m full of life and with a boundless excitement and energy. All because of you. Nuts are back in town baby. Let’s go NoFap. Comment below what’s next in this journey for me?!

I’m thirty-one. [I did NoFap due to] Inaction and lethargy. No desire for life. Depression. Quitting life. Unemployment. Negative thoughts all over. Lack of self-confidence and self-expression.

It was absolutely hardmode. I take life as it comes. Let’s see what happens. Controlling your sexual powers is a really big change though. LET’S GO. I have no plans to get back to [porn]. I’m enjoying this version of me really well. The joy at this day is something PMO cannot give you.

LINK – That’s it. 90 days. Victory guys!!!

By obeckham