Age 32 – Before NoFap I could not stay hard during sex and had a horrible case of ED. My life has completely changed.


So I just had sex today and let me tell you… it was incredible. Before NoFap I could not stay hard during sex and had a horrible case of ED. I would try to think about my favorite porn scenes instead of focusing on the girl I was having sex with.

But now I am able to stay erect the entire time without needing any porn images flashing in my head. I was in the present moment and enjoyed every second of it. It was the first time I came during sex. Afterwards I was so happy and laughed to myself that I finally beat ED.

It has been truly a blessing to find this place. My life has completely changed.

Comment #1

What you are going through is exactly what happened to me. I would get it up in the beginning and then it would go down immediately. There were other factors, but porn contributed to it for the most part.

I’m 32 and I started watching porn at 13. I didn’t think I had a problem because I would watch for 15 minutes, do the deed and move on with my day. But that time adds up and overtime my ED became worse. I didn’t know how bad it was until I started to suffer the withdrawals.

I have always been healthy and went to the gym regularly. I noticed NoFap helped me burn fat more easily.

I did hard mode up until having sex. No edging, peeking, nothing.

It definitely helps to have an emotional connection with your partner and to eliminate any stress in your life. My job can be stressful at times, but porn was the biggest cause. Usually dealing with the biggest cause eliminates other issues for you as well. Like I did, find any factor you think contributes to your PIED and attack it.

Comment #2

Before NoFap I was in a relationship with a great woman. Slowly into the relationship I would have more and more episodes of ED and I would have trouble staying erect for her. Needless to say the relationship ended and I fell into a deep depression.

The first thing I did was change medications. I was on an antidepressant that decreased sex drive dramatically, which didn’t help me and my girlfriend’s intimacy. I’m now on a medication that has no side effects and my sex drive is back.

Next, I went to a doctor about being tired all the time. Every day I would take a nap and would never feel fully rested. This had a huge effect on my performance at the gym and eventually I went from going 5 times a week to 1 or 2. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and rarely take a nap now. I’m more energized and my performance has increased.

Lastly I went to my primary doctor just to check my testosterone levels and they came back normal.

I wanted to rule everything out and finally stumbled upon NoFap. Everything I read about was what I was experiencing. I never suspected that porn was the cause of my ED. I’ve been through the flatlines and withdrawals and it was hell. I kept reading different testimonials and it gave me hope that I would get through it and become a better person.

During this time I would meditate often. For 20-30 minutes I would do this, especially during my flatlines, which helped. I also tried to stay busy and not just stay in my room. Praying and becoming closer to my faith also helped a ton.

NoFap really gave me a new view of the world. Without my breakup I would have never seeked out ways to improve myself. I still do miss her and wish I could show her how much I have improved myself, but I am happy about who I am now.

by hughmanga

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