Age 32 – Delayed ejaculation cured, Social anxiety cured


Virgin until 32 years old. I suffered from loneliness so bad, I would feel the pain physically. Deeply depressed. Watched porn for many years, escalated through the categories. Out of desperation went to a hooker, but couldn´t even perform. But at home I could fap for hours – suspected something was wrong.

I could only orgasm with very intense stimulation by my own hand, preferably with anal stimulation added – penis felt so numb, that vaginal or oral would not work.

In November last year I found out about nofap, I fapped a lot less then, but had relapses every few days, but did not binge on porn anymore.

Around New Year I was with another hooker and (after a small nofap streak) she made me cum performing oral.

Yesterday, after a streak of 11 days, I finally could orgasm having vaginal sex (with condom). Before my streaks, I could almost feel nothing during vaginal sex, couldn´t even come close to orgasm.

And I feel more confident now, yesterday I picked up two girls in a café. But they live in another city, still no girlfriend, but now I really have hope I will find a girlfriend soon.

I believe porn turns men into inactive voyeurs, who don´t have the balls to pick up women, and who couldn´t even perform – nofap works.

LINK – delayed ejaculation cured, social anxiety cured

by Vulkan