Age 32 – Girls are all flirting with me…now that I’ve sworn off casual sex

Right now 319 days no PMO I have mostly the last months went out to the gym at a time that is empty and all the rest of the day I stay home, so little to nonexistent social interaction.

But today I went out midtown to buy some things. Strangely I notice girls kept their eyes on me, talked to each other about me and another girl touched my arm, she grabbed it really strong with her hand!!! I’ve been approached and looked before. But this time was just insane.

It was too funny and ironically I´m staying in monk mode for like a year and a half more until I finish some studies, so no time for dating. Girls love what they can’t have I guess haha

P.S I’m not Brad Pitt

I made a promise to myself of no girls or fap until I get accepted to study a medical specialty. I’m a doctor.

Also I’m not anymore into casual sex. It has to be a really special girl both in and out, for me to break my promise.

I also started a garden a couple of days ago at my house, it gets you really tired but it looks good and gives a nice harmony to my home. Also I read in a Taoist book that working at a garden balance your yin/feminine energy because of the contact to the earth. And that can be a problem in nofap a lot of yang/masculine energy and little feminine energy can create tension a too much stress and that is when relapses happen.

Also feeling extremely tired makes ejaculation easy, so dont over do it.

LINK – 319 days no PMO, girls are all over me

By modern milarepa