Age 32 – It’s completely worth it and I wish I had done this years ago


Before I knew about this I was a pathetic addict to porn, after many failed attempts I have made it, this is what I feel now. First: a huge chunk of bad stuff is taken out of your life when you don’t need to get your fix, that’s the best thing. You don’t want it anymore because the brain has been rewired to fully known how toxic it is by comparing the cause and effect of doing it and not doing it.

Second: for me it opened the doors to the rest of my life; if you can understand that, don’t know if anyone feels the same, like I was stuck and now I can move on.

Third: it helps you being honest with yourself and for me it was facing my problems head on, after I completed the 90 days I started psychotherapy treatment to fix my brain and emotions even more because I have more issues.

Super powers: in that point I don’t feel the need to put this too much because you feel like a different person after you don’t PMO anymore, you get more confidence in my case because you don’t carry the shame and have obtained discipline in your life

Conclusion: its completely worth it and I wish I had done this years ago, it’s very healthy for the body and mind, glad to be part of this.

LINK – 140+ days completed, my story

by Silver Skull