Age 32 – PIED appears to be cured. 100% erection with my light stroking. Morning wood returned.

I have developed PIED and decided that I would document my NOFAP jouney. The reason I decided to do this is because I had a hard time finding people who were as extreme as me in the following combined criteria. I want people to have an idea of what kind of improvements are capable in similar cases.

Here’s a little info on me:

Age: 32 years old
P: since 5
MO: since 11
Addition Criteria: Virgin

Some notable conditions before beginning NOFAP:
1. No morning wood
2. Penis feels nonexistent during the day
3. At the point where I can only get 60% erect, even during PM

My focus will be in the improvements of Morning Wood and in my Erections during the day. Here brief report on my 3 months progress so far.

1 and 1/2 month report: Improvements

Morning Wood Results: 1-2 days per week I get morning wood. Sometimes 80% sometimes 100%. However, I would lose my erection very fast after I wake up. In addition this was the only time I can get an erection.
Erection Test Results: I try to test my erection by focusing and stroking the shaft of my penis with the tip of my fingers gently. I get what seems like a hard flaccid, but barely grows and stay at 5 o clock.

2 month report: Improvements

Morning Wood Results: Now I can get morning wood up to 3-4 days out of the week. I have more consistent 100% erections. I still lose my erection at a fast rate after I get up though.

Erection Test Results: Sensitivity is coming back and I got horny once every couple days. Here I can gently stroke my penis to get 60% erect at 3 o clock. Almost full size (I am grower) but not rock hard to touch. My full erection is at 1 o clock.

Random phenomenon: My flaccid penis size has increased to 3.5 inches. It was shriveled like an acorn and was about 1 inch during my fapping days.

2 and 1/2 month report: Improvements

Morning Wood Results: I get Morning every day and during the middle of the night I am fully erect at 100%. My morning wood lasts up to 15 minutes after I get up. This is a big improvement. Also I get morning wood everyday for the past 2 weeks.

Erection Test Results: I got 100% erection with my light stroking method twice. However, it is situational. There are only certain times throughout the day where I ‘get horny’ and this is where I can get an erection easily. I am not sure if only being horny during certain times during the day is normal or not because I haven’t had a chance to be normal for the past 15 years. Maybe someone can fill me in here.

So far big improvements overall, but I don’t know if I am cured of PIED. However, I am happy of the results and it hasn’t even been 3 months.

LINK – Extreme case, PIED recovery progress hope.

by 32vpmo