Age 32 – PIED beaten after 6 months. It’s HARD and STRONG.

I remember like it was yesterday 8 months ago when I was struggling to get answers why my penis doesn’t work anymore. Even before researching into PIED I somehow new that porn was the problem.

After watching tons of videos and reading tens of articles (just like all of you did) I decided to quit porn. I went cold turkey on the 14th of February 2020 after what had to be an amazing St. Valentine’s sex with a big titted girl was simply ruined by my flaccid tool.

I stayed 100% away from porn for 27 days. I know that there are magic numbers here in the community of how many days you should stay porn free in order to recover, like 30 days, 60 days, 180 days. On the 28th day I wanked to porn… once. Then stayed away for another 2 weeks. And then another 1 or 2 or 3 weeks. I was wanking to porn from time to time. But it was never the daily habit I had before… because I didn’t need it anymore. The addiction was broken.. it became a recreational thing to me.

During these 27 days I went through a flatline when I felt like a pear-shaped beta male with a micro penis. Then I felt pride for finally, first time in my life staying away from porn. Then I almost became a sex predator, I was so horny that I almost screamed. Then I started feeling life in my penis again. Slowly I was recovering.

When I relapsed on my 28th day, I was holding a strong, thick, warmer than before cock in my hand. That dick was different from what it was a month ago. And yes, don’t be scared, your sperm is yellow after you don’t ejaculate for a long time.

I have never strictly abstained from porn after that. I had enough motivation not to indulge in daily wanking sessions anymore. I knew it works. I was happy it works. I didn’t want to lose it again.

I will jump forward by saying that now I have 2 women who I regularly impale. I never had problems with PIED after that. I have sex with them every other day and never had problems again. I take my trousers off and put it straight into them. No more pussy eating to pray it gets hard. No more fake foreplay to “give it time and the chance to get hard”. Pants off – dick in pussy.

That’s the short story not to bore you. I am 32 years old. For the last 4-6 years I had problems getting hard.

Some of my remarks:

Porn is a problem, porn is THE problem.

There is no magic number of how many days you should stay away. Just brake the habit. Think of it as alcoholism. The problem was that you drank everyday. A beer once in 10 days wont do you any harm. A beer everyday – will. Don’t be scared if you relapsed, just go back to not doing it for another 10 days. It will work, I promise you.

Flat line exist, it’s nasty. So nasty. But the good thing is, it’s temporary.

After you recover you will last longer in bed. I swear to God, I can fuck for an hour straight if I want to now. Honestly.

When you become mega horny during your abstinence don’t batch-write to random women and your co-workers proposing them sex, it’s your brain simply malfunctioning, you will regret it after, like i do : )

After 6 months I had no more PIED at all.

Please feel free to address any questions I will gladly answer them and guide you through this difficult but rewarding endeavour.

LINK – Well… I did it! PIED – beaten. It’s HARD and STRONG.

By Dizz12