Age 32 – PIED improvements, girls now hit on me


I have just reached 90 days of nofap and I’m feeling great! NoFap by itself isn’t a cure-all for your life problems. It means nothing if you’re still the same ambition-less lazy fuck that you used to be. The key word in succeeding in life would be DISCIPLINE. Without it nofap, work, fitness or even your love life will not succeed! My lessons learned in this journey:

  • Urges come and go. I don’t believe that they will ever go away, you just learn to deal with them better. Every time I feel the urge to PMO I ask myself why do I feel this and do I really need it?
  • Meditation helps a lot.
  • Reading more! I used to watch hours of TV every day, now I barely turn it on. I spend more time talking to my significant other, socialising, reading books or working on my business.
  • Work out more. Since starting nofap i started working out more, which in turn gave me awesome gains, which in turn help me meditate and clear my mind more, which in turn help me focus on other things. You get the idea. It’s a positive spiral of benefits and emotions that reinforce each other.

Fun things that have happened to me

Those fit girls training in the gym? I don’t even notice them anymore! I am so focussed on my workout that I can block all of them out

  • Super hard boners, especially at night or in the morning.
  • Significant PE/PIED improvements.
  • Sex has improved a lot when you focus on your partner and not having fantasies of that big booty blonde doing a DP.
  • I get hit on by girls now (super weird!) Including those in the gym i’ve been ignoring!
  • Improved efficiency at work/my business. Able to assertively stand my ground and close bigger deals.

In conclusion… To those on the nofap journey: stay strong. To those who need that final push to start: START TODAY! You owe it to your future self to be a better (wo)man than what you are today.

[I’m] 32. Been PMOing since 14-15

LINK – 90 days and counting – discipline is key!

By  mcnasty19