Age 32 – PIED: Recovery had ups and downs; today I feel like I’m cured


Last week after I hit 90 days I believe I fell into another flatline and I lost all motivation. In my whole nofap journey my libido and desire has been nonexistent. But since the weekend my libido is back and from the spontaneous erections and erections when I look at real women I believe I am more than likely cured (haven’t had the chance to test with sex yet).

Also I can get rock hard from some very light touching. This didn’t happen during the 90 days.

I believe the last flatline was my final hurdle.

I did 90 days hard mode. Since the 90 I have fapped a few times (no porn, will never use porn again). I was able to cum in less than 20 seconds each time so sensitivity is way up.

I never bought into the super powers as I am already a very energetic, fit, outgoing person. I was only on this journey to cure PIED.

I’ll update when I’ve successfully had sex again as confirmation but I am very confident that I’ve broken the camel’s back!

LINK – PIED: A week ago I felt hopeless, today I feel like I’m cured! AMA

by subtle123