Age 32 – Success: premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction fixed

32-Year-old male. Australia.

I’ve been opening Reddit for 2 years without signing up to learn about No Fap from all you wonderful people. I’ve read sooooo many posts last few years trying to reduce my anxiety and understand why No Fap wasn’t working for me. I did 2 90-day challenges and still I had nothing solid to show for my results. Literally! 😀

I signed up today to share that I’ve finally recovered after almost 2 years of constant worry, despair, anxiety, depression, loathing and almost giving up on it all. But most importantly, I made an account to share with at least someone somewhere Googling with those keywords to find my story and maybe take some form of hope.

DO NOT GIVE UP. As Jordan Peterson would say “Life is supposed to be hard.” Just keep correcting your path and keep moving forward. It took me a really long time to recover and that doesn’t mean you’ll recover in 2 years. It might be quicker. But do not fall in the chase of a QUICK FIX. It doesn’t exist. Just keep staying true to NoFap for at least 90 days.

Also, I know how you can ‘TEST’ it on the journey and feel miserable about ‘no success’ and then spend hours looking on google to find your FIX. Those days can be so tough and even if a girl is there who would catch up, you’d have no courage to face the adversity that experience would entail.

PE and ED became a reality for me after almost 2-3 years ago. I’d been abusing porn for more than 16 years and almost never missed a day without PMO. Most days 2-3 times. I had GF’s in school/college/work and actually had an amazing sex life where I’d be proud about how long I can last (oh how life hits you in the balls:))

Anyway, I won’t make it long for now.

WHAT WORKED: (This worked for me and maybe it won’t for you)

  1. Exercise: I did cycle, running and weights. Started squatting (body weight) every day and no I did not do ANY KEGEL exercises. Just start going to the GYM. WIM HOF meditation is amazing as well.
  2. Diet: I went on KETO..Carnivore…Vegan..Plant Based. I’ve come full circle to eat healthy in moderation and exercise. I eat a lot more vegetables now and have reduced sugar a lot. 90%WFPB plus meat was very effective in keeping me focused and I might see how my body reacts on everything like dairy back into my diet. Maybe try taking out some dairy of your diet.
  3. Supplements: A few weeks ago, I read here someone mention Magnesium. I started taking Magnesium (powdered form) and Zinc (powdered) with some salt and added Soda water once a day. I also take a dairy free Protein Powder and Super greens powder every day. Except for that no other supplements. Please do not fall for weird as supplements. Try to remember when things were great what’d you eat or what your family eats. Obviously, if you feel great on a diet just see if you can truly make it a lifestyle.
  4. FAP: This one can be controversial but hear me out. I don’t mean like a maniac like before. After so many months on/off No fap I realised every time I was beaten down was because I would do NO FAP and feel amazing and be ready to blow someone’s brain out with my new found superpowers n transfers them into a night of debauchery. I would PE! I’d be gutted, come home, TEST again by using porn for the next 2 days if maybe now I’ve recovered. But it would get worse. 1-minute max.

This time I did No Fap for a while and just MO. NO PORN. ED was gone but PE was still there. I said OK. A few days later I did it again. Just MO. After a few days PE went away like it was never there. I’d say once you’ve done the reset for 90 days or more if PE is an issue try M without P. Please no P. Also, this could be an excuse to get back into old habits. If you’ve done 90 days, I think you’ve seen the light. Do not fall for the Trap. Try MO as once a week if you aren’t disciplined. Don’t overdo it either. Like I said this worked for me guys please think about your patterns and you will power.

I’d love to write more and help others so please hit me up for any advice or questions or criticism.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

Stay Strong. Stay Focused.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

LINK – No Fap Success PE + ED FIXED!

by Sharetheknowledge1