Age 33 – A week in a dragon awoke in me

I would like to share my experience about NoFap – Monk mode.

I ran this like an experiment. I did it for 2 weeks then relapsed enough times to empty out my whole system. It took about 12 times to empty completely (I know, lol). Doing this I taught myself the spectrum and frequency of energy for that time. Also I saw the physical change very clearly, which boosted my belief in this lifestyle. This also showed me that if you relapse once, then you don’t lose your whole load, however you do lose a lot on first relapse. This will eliminate progress, but not all of it. Still, now I recommend never to relapse, if possible.

I found the secret is Retaining. If you have a girlfriend and still have sex everyday without PMO, I don’t think you will really experience the full benefits. We are not talking about a mental change here, as “Stop watching porn” would give you. By retaining you become something else, physically (nothing to do with how you think or feel). I was a week in and something awoke in me. I called it the dragon within. It is a type of spiritual guide that aids you, through you. No one should try to F with him. This “Being” represents the concept of “Alfa”.

On this I saw the whole story is so simple. When you Fap the whole time, you empty your system. When you are empty you have no Energy (sperm is concentrated energy). When you are empty you are more feminine, because your masculine energy has been released. The more you retain, the more you become an Alfa Male and, the more empty you are, the more you become a Beta Male. Females are attracted to Alfa males, that is why woman attraction goes up.

I saw this at my workplace. Between week 1 and 2, the two woman in the office kept asking for my help and advice. Almost memorized by me. Note I did not try to do anything, it was an automatic response. That is the cool thing about this journey. You can do Monk mode and just sit back, waiting for the benefits to come. Today I am back on day 1 and the woman in the office kind of ignores me now, how crazy, haha.

TBH, all relationships with people improves, even the men as well. There was a time I think after week 1 where men gave me kind of a cold shoulder, but near the end of week 2, it seemed like everyone was under my spell of confidence. I had the same “saying” after every human interaction. “Nothing can beat this feeling.” Meaning, every time I talked so smooth, so confident, so patient. I could see how every person felt so comfortable with my presence. Without even saying a word, people already treats you differently. This proves they actually sense your energy.

I felt like a leader of men.

It started at about 5-8 days, where the physical changes took hold. Almost felt like, I assume a pregnant woman would feel. My sperm was my babies which I should protect, until I can give it to a female, which in turn, deserves it. You stop objectifying woman, many say it is cause you stop watching porn, but for me it felt like the physical change of retention made me view them differently. I always looked at Beubz and @ss, but on retention I would see her eyes, skin, curve of her shoulder. In a sense, more respectful towards them.

This is truly a secret lifestyle, hidden from us, probably by society. Since keeping us Beta males, spreading seed gives them the power. So we stroll forward slowly, powerful yet docile. Furthermore, I found myself loving life more, having gym sessions twice as hard and being the person I want to be. It takes away depression, anxiety and issues, makes you feel stronger and more driven (with a purpose). Also the more Alfa I became, I could actually start to see Beta males clearly. The one who Faps and has low energy. I saw they are always, more agitated, more pathetic, more pretentious, trying to prove they are Alfas as well, yet so sad that they are keeping themselves away from it. This is IMO why the ego was created. Beta males trying to force their way to Alfa status through their pretentious ego.

It also makes you more spiritual. The whole retaining mission is like climbing a mountain, a journey to respect. Another weird thing is I started to see the “Retention Mission” syncs with most stories of life. Meaning, if I take a dialogue from a movie or written story it seemed relating to my “retention journey”. Like an overlay of the main story between God and his creation energy. Building or throwing away.

I am now going for 90 days monk mode. If after that I am someone that experienced a core change, I will integrate it into my life until I die. (probably will anyway, since I know this is real.)

LINK – Monk Mode Phase 3 – 150 Days

By Paranimmita