Age 33 – I cannot tell you how much more alive I feel

I wanted to write this as this community gave me huge support on my journey back to reality.

I wanted to share a few things that worked for me and give those of you who need support and motivation some advice.

Around 18 months ago I made the decision to completely remove all poison from my life-both in the physical and digital worlds.

I cannot tell you how much more alive I feel.

The absolute key is to stop or at the very least severely limit masturbating and stop using pornography. It’s filth and it will warp your mind. You will be unable to appreciate another human being, let alone have a normal relationship with someone, If you carry on down this path.

Here was my regime:

-Nofap (hard mode) for a year,literally cold turkey.

-Gym three times a week at least, weights and cardio


-Balanced nutrition including dense protein-steak, eggs etc, whole milk.l
Your body needs fat and protein to thrive, it can manufacture carbohydrates, ensure you are eating a BALANCED diet.

-Supplement with L-arginine, 5HT and L-tryptophan

-Get out of the house and get involved in life. DO NOT get hung up on sex/PE/ED It really isn’t a big deal, honestly and the most important part is finding a girl you can get to know and be comfortable to relax with.

-Relax. Forget what porn brainwashed you with. Life is out there waiting to be taken by the horns. Nothing is a big deal.
If you don’t feel comfortable that’s a sign from your body that this is not the right person-move on.

Within 18 months you will see changes on your outlook, dating prospects, career. Everything.

Get serious, get the girl and stop sitting in front of the screen.

I wish you the best and have big faith you’ll all be successful. I believe in you.

Your buddy,

LINK – Success after 18 months

by Jake2104